1. As you’re training for a competition, you train yourself to care what others think of you. Creating positive reinforcement around how skinny or “fit” you are attaches your self-worth to what others think/say about you. That’s a very slippery slope because there’s no possibility of true fulfillment in the face of external validation.

  2. Everyone does steroids/stimulants (women too). Look, I get that it might not be eeevverryyyonnne, but in my eyes, even a caffeine addiction is a stimulant addiction and that’s the best case scenario in the fitness industry. The fact of the matter is women take anything from  excess caffeine and crazy fat burners to clenbuterol and steroids.

  3. You pay in endless time, energy, and money in order to receive validation from others. But no one pays you. Taking extreme approaches like depriving your body of nutrients, swallowing stimulants, working out 2-3 times per day, and being in a constant state of exhaustion was self-sacrifice for someone else’s profitability, someone who did not pay me in anything but encouragement to keep destroying myself.

  4. You will be dehydrated for a minimum of 5 days before/after the show (and sitting backstage wondering why your body is cramping so badly). In order to show off their physiques, competitors limit their water intake before a show or a photoshoot which comes with many physical and mental dangers.

  5. Most coaches demand total submission. They want you to continue needing them (because money and reputation is at stake) and don’t care if it’s at the stake of your physical or mental health.

  6. You’re likely to develop an eating disorder (or 2 or 3). The fact of the matter is, eating 6 times a day out of Tupperware would make Buddha lose his ish, let alone young women who are willing to starve, overwork, and destroy their bodies for a plastic trophy. Call it what you want, but obsessing over every calorie that enters your body along with every minute of exercise you did or didn’t do makes an eating disorder almost inevitable.

*Disclaimer: I rarely see people do this in a healthy manner which is why I am warning people. But if you’re able to, props to you. This is just my experience.*

Hi, I’m Mary and after recovering from an eating disorder and healing my body, mind, and spirit, I started my online platform Mary’s Cup of Tea, to inspire women to find their own inner peace and unconditional self-love. Now, I travel to beautiful places and eat yummy foods while sharing my heart with you through my writings, videos, and online courses. Welcome!

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