This is the birthday episode!! Mary shares with you life lessons she had to learn the hard way in her past 22 years on this earth. She talks about everything from sex, hair removal, and yeast infections, to divorce and relationships, to self love and body image.

Here are a few of her favorite lessons…

  1. You’re not everyone’s cup of tea, nor should you strive to be. There’ll always be people who won’t like you no matter what you do.
  2. Hating yourself will not make you happy. Criticizing your body will not make you look better. Shame will not make you feel worthy. Self-love is the way.
  3. Hair removal is overrated.
  4. Your body’s only purpose is to keep you alive. Be kind to it.

This episode is very personal so please let Mary know how you like it by screenshotting and tagging her in your Instagram stories!

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Mary Jelkovsky, a former bikini fitness model turned self love advocate speaks with experts, influencers, and guests on topics surrounding body-image, confidence, self-worth, body positivity, eating disorders, feminism, women’s health, and self-love.


Along the way, Mary shares her personal journey of battling an eating disorder, competing in bikini fitness competitions, and hating her body before finally quitting dieting for good and finding true self-love.

So grab a cup of tea, slide in your headphones, and get ready to love yourself a little more each week!