I’ve been grappling with how to make sure that I am continuously supporting marginalized communities in my brand and business. My mission has always been to empower women, but if that doesn’t include ALL women, then I’m not doing my job.


I am very grateful to Rachel Rodgers from Hello 7 for hosting a Town Hall meeting about how to build equitable, anti-racist organizations using the DEI Framework: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


I pledged to do exactly that not just while it’s “trendy,” but forever. So here is my action plan to support black women and women of color moving forward…


Mary’s Cup of Tea, the Podcast:

  1. Upon application, approval, and availability, I am offering free podcast ads for small businesses that are owned by black or indigenous women. Click here to learn more and contact Mary if you think your business may be eligible.
  2. Podcast guests will include at least 50% women of color and at least 25% black women.


Self-Love Retreats:

  1. A scholarship will be awarded to one person for the Costa Rica Self-Love Retreat January 3-7, 2021 with priority given to a black or indigenous woman. Click here to apply if you think you may be eligible for the scholarship. I am working on being able to offer more scholarships for future retreats too.
  2. Retreats will only be held at a venue that is either owned and operated by locals and/or employs over 80% of locals on their staff to make sure the money goes back to the local community.


On Instagram:

  1. I will only work with brands who are inclusive i.e. they pay and promote influencers of color (including black influencers), offer a wide range of sizes, and have no history of being racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic.
  2. I will continue sharing marginalized voices including (but not limited to) those who are in black, brown, fat, trans, and/or disabled bodies.


Online Programs:

  1. All of June 2020 proceeds from my e-book, The Body Confidence Guide, will go to ColorOfChange.
  2. 10% of future proceeds will go to various organizations that helps empower young women in marginalized communities. 


I recognize that I may and probably will fuck up in my efforts towards more diversity, equity and inclusion in my brand and business, but I promise to listen, learn, and fix my mistakes along the way.


Thank you for standing with me in this fight towards more diversity, equity, and inclusion for all.




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