In this episode Mary is joined by Beth Ruffin. Beth is an author, speaker and coach that works with organizational consulting and one on one coaching focusing on inclusion in the workspace.

In this episode you will learn how to…

– explore your own biases

– be more inclusive in your day to day life

– use language that embodies inclusivity

– build a brand/business that is focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion

and so much more!

Beth spent 20 years in Corporate America before realizing her dream of entrepreneurship, opening her own boutique consulting firm, The Everyday Inclusionist. Beth is committed to making our world more inclusive through consulting, coaching and speaking.  She is also the host of “At the Table,” a weekly podcast about elevating the voices of the underrepresented.  Beth’s first book, Get Up, details her journey to self-acceptance.  Her second book, You Belong Here, explores the topic of Self Inclusion.  Beth believes that everyone has a purpose and has the power within them to impact lives.  She is mom to one daughter and in her spare time blogs and travels.

Links mentioned:

Beth’s 10 Tips for Building an Inclusive Business

You can find Beth on Instagram as @thebethruffin and on her website bethruffin.com

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