In this episode, Mary is joined by Rachel Spencer to talk about how building your own business and investing in yourself can help you build confidence and realize how incredibly powerful you are, BEYOND your struggles. Rachel Spencer is a Business Coach and self-love influencer living in New York City. Her passion is helping boss babes all over the world to master their message, stand out, and become an authority in their niche so that they can stop feeling invisible and sell with ease!

Rachel struggled with self-confidence and self-esteem issues spurned by unrealistic images in the media during her teenage years, and in her 20s, her issues began to affect every area of her life.

In this episode, Rachel talks about how having a business helped her not only heal from her eating disorder, but also build her own confidence and self worth. She shares her tips for starting your own business and how to stop feeling guilty when it comes to money, whether that’s making money or spending money.

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