online self-love retreat
Join us to celebrate the 1-year birthday of The Gift of Self-Love!
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During the online retreat, I'll guide you through a powerful self-love practice that will help you feel more positive and at peace.

The workshop will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, April 13th at
12pm PST/ 3pm EST/ 7pm GMT.

You'll walk away with more love for yourself, and feeling confident, connected, and inspired.

Although we will build on some of the exercises in TGSL, the workshop will be more in-depth and you do not need the book to participate.

It's $25 USD for the live 2-hour workshop (including an open Q&A) + access to the recording to re-watch anytime.
What You'll Learn
- Tools for shifting self-criticism into self-compassion

- My 4-step process for handling ANY negative body-image thoughts

- A guided journal practice that'll help you feel more positive and at peace

...and more!

Just bring yourself and a journal and I'll guide you through the rest!

What People Are Saying:
Community is everything.
During this online retreat, you'll take a couple hours to recharge your emotional batteries, be in a community of like-hearted people, and learn new tools for self-love.

Now is the time to re-connect to ourselves by connecting with each other.
We go live in...
This online retreat is limited to 100 spots so register now!
About The Gift of Self-Love

If you are struggling to love yourself, then this inspiring and interactive self-love workbook is for you.

The Gift of Self-Love by Mary Jelkovsky
The Gift of Self-Love is an honest, heartfelt, and relatable book that will guide you on your journey to self-love. Author Mary Jelkovsky, better known on Instagram as @maryscupofteaa, shares her story of conquering her insecurities (after years of an eating disorder and intense, self-sabotaging work as a bikini fitness model) and finally learning to love herself exactly as she is. 

Filled with heartfelt advice, thought-provoking exercises, and self-love challenges, this book will help boost your self-esteem and finally see yourself as the amazing, beautiful person you already are.

Written like a letter to a close friend, this self-love book guides you on a journey that will help you build confidence, conquer body-image struggles, and finally give yourself the gift of self-love.
Mary Jelkovsky author bio
As a published author, public speaker, and retreat host, I’ve lead thousands of women in their journey to self-love. 

All of this came from an 8-year battle with an eating disorder that left me feeling lost, lonely, and broken. After finally deciding to heal my body, mind and spirit, I started my online platform, Mary’s Cup of Tea, to help women be more confident in their bodies and learn to love themselves unconditionally.

My story has been featured in places like TEDx, Teen Vogue, and Health Magazine because unfortunately, too many women know what it’s like to hate their bodies. I’m committed to empowering people of all shapes and sizes through my social media, online programs, and worldwide self-love retreats.