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Grab a cup of tea, slide in your headphones, and get ready to love yourself a little more each week!

#54: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself for More Self-Love

In this episode, Mary shares 5 questions to ask yourself for more self-love. These are questions that you can either journal about or simply ponder in your head. They are proven to help you create more peace, joy, and (self) love in your life....

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#52: The F*ck It Diet with Caroline Dooner

Eight years ago, Caroline Dooner started a blog called The Fuck It Diet. She was trying to heal her relationship with food, and she needed a place to share everything she was learning about the dark side of dieting. What she learned about food and...

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#51: I Wrote a Book!!!

The secret is finally out!! I wrote a book!! It's called The Gift of Self-Love: A Workbook to Help You Build Confidence, Recognize Your Worth, and Learn to Finally Love Yourself (Blue Star Press, 2021). Build confidence, boost your self-esteem, and...

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#50: How To Let Go of Control & Perfectionism

Perfectionism shows up in many areas of our lives, but especially when it comes to food and our bodies (i.e. trying to control what we eat and/or what we look like). In this solo episode Mary talks about ways to let go of control and perfectionism...

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#49: Eating Disorder Recovery with Jessica Flint

In this episode, Mary is joined by Jessica Flint who shares her personal journey with eating disorder recovery and how spirituality has helped her in the healing process. Mary and Jessica also chat about: Perfectionism The importance of finding...

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I’m a public speaker, published author, podcast host, and women’s retreat leader. It’s my mission to help you be confident in your body and love yourself unconditionally!

In Mary’s Cup of Tea Podcast, I speak with experts, influencers, and guests on topics surrounding body-image, confidence, self-worth, relationships, body positivity, eating disorders, feminism, mental health, and self-love.

Along the way, I share my personal journey of battling an eating disorder, competing in bikini fitness competitions, and hating my body before finally finding true self-love.

So grab a cup of tea, slide in your headphones, and get ready to listen to the podcast that’ll inspire you to love yourself!

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