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Grab a cup of tea, slide in your headphones, and get ready to love yourself a little more!

How to be Healthy without Dieting

Today’s episode is a little different, a turning of the tables where Mary gets interviewed on someone else’s podcast! Mary talks about her experience with binge eating, how she went viral on Instagram, and how to balance health with self love. Mary...

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How to Feel Sexy and Confident in the Bedroom

When you feel good in your body and embrace your sexual side, you show up in a more empowered, confident way. Welcome to this special “V-Day” edition of Tea Time with Mary. In this episode, Mary discusses ways that have personally helped her to be...

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22 Things I Learned in 22 Years

This is the birthday episode!! Mary shares with you life lessons she had to learn the hard way in her past 22 years on this earth. She talks about everything from sex, hair removal, and yeast infections, to divorce and relationships, to self love...

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Hi, I’m Mary

I’m your guiding force on this journey.

I’m a public speaker, published author, and women’s retreat host. It’s my mission to help you be confident in your body and love yourself unconditionally!

In the Mary’s Cup of Tea Podcast I speak with experts, influencers, and guests on topics surrounding body-image, confidence, self-worth, body positivity, eating disorders, feminism, women’s health, and self-love.

Along the way, I share my personal journey of battling an eating disorder, competing in bikini fitness competitions, and hating my body before finally finding true self-love.

So grab a cup of tea, slide in your headphones, and get ready to listen to the podcast that’ll inspire you to love yourself!

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