The Body Confidence Guide


an e-book that will help you quit dieting and start feeling confident in your body!

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What you’ll learn…

Introduction: I Feel You, Babe.

- why weight loss is fuel to the self-destructive fire
- why we get stuck in the diet cycle
- your confidence vision
Chapter 1: Your Body Story
- how my eating disorder started
- what made me realize that I had to STOP
- my binge eating disorder
- the real reason I moved out of the country
- the first thing you must do in order to heal
- how to stop negative self-talk
- a writing exercise that will help you get rid of guilt, shame, and shitty feelings
Chapter 2: What Everyone Has Wrong About Body-Image
- the wisest words I've ever heard about body-image
- how to stop letting negative feelings about your body ruin your life
- how to stop body checking
- an exercise to help you reconnect to your body
Chapter 3: How To Stop “Feeling Fat”
- the real reason you "feel fat"
- why thinness and "fitness" is trendy these days
- where the "perfect body" comes from
- why losing weight won't make you happy
- what to do in order to truly stop "feeling fat"
- a journaling exercise to help you identify the root cause of your negative feelings towards your body and shift them
Chapter 4: The Secret to True Self-Care
- how to balance health with self-love
- ways to take care of yourself that have nothing to do with working out or eating "healthy"
- journal prompts for self-care
Chapter 5: The Disease That Kills Confidence
- why comparing yourself to other people is not a bad thing
- journal prompts to help you stop comparing yourself to others
- a visualization exercise to beat comparisonitis
- how to make comparison productive and not destructive
- 3 journal prompts to help you find yourself
- what to say to yourself when you catch yourself comparing
Chapter 6: Dealing with Weight Gain (or the Fear of it)
- 3 myths about gaining weight
- why gaining weight does NOT mean you're unhealthy
- how to have healthy habits AND love yourself
- 2 things you're doing that are so much more unhealthy than weight gain
- if you feel like gaining weight will make you unattractive, read this
- why gaining weight does not mean you're lazy
- journaling exercise to help you accept weight gain and not be so afraid of it
Chapter 7: The Uncomfortable Emotional Stuff
- the thing I was most ashamed of while growing up
- the emotional aspect of weight loss and weight gain (it's not what you think!)
- a journal exercise to help release emotional pain from your body
- a forgiveness exercise (WARNING: this one is DEEP)
- the most important emotion that all women need to embrace
- how to feel GOOD in your body, like so so good
Chapter 8: Leveling Up Your Body Confidence
- how YOU can be confident
- the first step towards true body confidence
- how to challenge your insecurities
- how to start accepting compliments
- the #1 thing you must stop doing if you want to be more confident
- the confidence mindset that changed my life forever
- why loving yourself will change the world

What’s included

Exact, how-to steps for overcoming body-image struggles

Exercises that will help you love your body and transform your self-confidence

Journal prompts for self-reflection, self-love and healing

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If you download the e-book, read the whole thing and don't have a single ah-ha moment or mindset shift just email me mary@maryscupoftea.com within 7 days of purchase and I'll give you a refund.

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