Here are some beautiful self love wallpapers to inspire self-love every time you look at your phone! Just right click to save the image to your camera roll and set it as your iPhone background! Check out Mary’s self love playlist on her website MarysCupOfTea.com.

These are sized for most iPhone and Android phones, but you may have to adjust them a bit. I hope they serve as a gentle reminder on your self love journey!

Let me know how you like them by screenshotting your self love wallpaper and sharing it on your Instagram stories! Tag me @maryscupofteaa too so I can see!

self love iphone background
women's body
more self love reminder wallpaper
the most beautiful romance is the one you have with yourself
cup of coffee inspiring self love and new beginnings

I have one of these self love wallpapers set on my iPhone background too so we can match!

Enjoy, beautiful! xx

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Download these free iphone wallpapers to add some self love aesthetic to your life. #selflove #iphonewallpaper #maryscupoftea
Grab one of these 8 free self love wallpapers for your iPhone! #selflove #iphonewallpaper #maryscupoftea
Remind yourself to love yourself with one of these free self love iPhone wallpapers! #selflove #iphonewallpaper #maryscupoftea