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Discover what it means to truly love yourself by embarking on an immersive self-love retreat with a community of like-hearted humans.



May 26 - 31, 2022 in Sitges, Spain, a coastal town outside of Barcelona

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Join us on this magical 6-day retreat where you will fall in love with yourself…over and over and over again.

You are DONE struggling with body-image and you’re READY to start creating confidence in all areas of your life

There’s no better way to cultivate self-love than to form a sisterhood in a sacred, supportive, and accepting environment. 

This retreat is for you if…

Traveling to new places, experiencing new cultures, and stepping outside your comfort zone EXCITES you (even if it makes you a little nervous, you’ll go for it anyways!)

You yearn to bond with genuine, like-minded women and make friends who really appreciate you for who you are

sorry- this retreat is sold out already!

You aren’t willing to let your guard down, break your heart open, and challenge your deepest insecurities. My tools have helped millions of women feel empowered and love themselves unconditionally...but they don’t work unless you do!

This retreat is not for you if…

You’re only interested in checking Spain off your bucket list, but don’t care about doing deep emotional work, stepping outside your comfort zone, and connecting with others

You have unmanaged mental health concerns such as severe homesickness, social anxiety, an eating disorder, or depression. Although this experience will be incredibly healing, it is not made for mental health treatment of any sort. By joining the self-love retreat, we all promise to hold a safe, non-triggering space for ourselves and others.

Imagine This…

You wake up in the morning to the warm sunny air of the Mediterranean coast.
You come outside to the terrace to have coffee and breakfast with your retreat sisters, a community of like-minded women who are also on a self-love journey.

You meet Mary in our sacred space for transformational self-love workshops, focusing on healing body-image struggles, building self-confidence, and deepening your self-worth.

We explore the gems of Barcelona together- wandering around the cobbled streets of the old town, indulging in the history, culture, and architecture, lounging on the golden-sand beaches, and taking in the life around you- all with a group of women who love, value, and cherish you.

We have a traditional, Spanish dinner including tapas, paella, perhaps a glass of wine, and whatever Chef Bruno wants to delight us with for dessert!

We come together for our final evening workshop where we let our guards down, bond with one another, share stories, and have deep belly laughs.

love yourself

self-love retreat low down


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Thursday, May 26th - Tuesday, May 31st, 2022


A 6-day, 5-night immersive self-love retreat that will inspire you, recharge you, and reconnect you to who you truly are


YOU, your retreat leader, Mary + 17 other self-love retreat sisters

What’s my investment?

The investment starts at $3,200 USD depending on the accommodation and payment plan chosen.

Note: the retreat does not include airfare

What’s included?


Because you’re worthy of giving yourself the gift of self-love and a trip you’ll remember forever. Self-love retreats are a perfect blend of personal development, much-needed self-care, and new adventures with new friends

Accommodations at our retreat villa in the hills of Sitges, Spain (a beach town ~ 45 minutes outside of Barcelona)
Daily self-love workshops with Mary filled with tools for self-love
1:1 coaching session with Mary upon sign-up
Daily excursions and activities exploring hidden gems of Spain
Transportation to and from the airport 
3 meals per day + snacks made by our private retreat chef
A community of like-minded women; this includes a group chat for before/ after the retreat for additional support
An immersive, expansive, extraordinary self-love retreat of a lifetime!


Sitges, Spain, a charming coastal town about 45 minutes from Barcelona

8 am

breakfast + intention setting

A day in the life of a

retreat sister

9 am

transformational, self-love workshop with Mary

12 pm

lunch on the terrace made by our retreat chef, Bruno

1 pm

short hike to an ancient Spanish cathedral with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean coast 

6:30 pm

Spanish-style dinner made with fresh ingredients from the local market

7:30 pm

evening sacred sharing circle (arguably the best part!)

9 pm

night swimming in our private pool with your new favorite people

Other activities at the Spain Self Love Retreat may include a combination of hikes and walking tours, sailing and sea adventures, cooking classes, yoga/ meditation classes, photoshoots with Mary’s photographer, beach and pool time, open Q&As with Mary, R&R and so much more!

4 pm

relaxing at the beach with your retreat sisters

You will learn how to…

Be confident in all areas of your life- including your relationships, your career, your body, and with yourself as a whole
Accept your body at any size, shape, and weight
Quit comparing yourself to others and trust in your own path
Live life on your own terms and not care what others may think 
Overcome the lowest lows, the darkest days
Stop obsessing over food, calories, and your weight

… and more!

Empower everyone around you simply by being yourself
Create deep, authentic, and meaningful relationships during the retreat and take those tools back home with you
Tune into what’s truly important to you and follow your soul’s purpose
Turn your biggest pain into your greatest strength
Speak kindly and lovingly to yourself by practicing better self-talk

What our self-love retreat sisters are saying …

Maria; 22

Leslie-Anne; 34

Kirstin; 38

Justina; 21

Iliana; 30

alice; 29

Blyss; 37

Click on a retreat sister below to read their experience.

37, Barista, Mom, 2x Costa Rica Self-Love Retreat Sister


“I feel like I am standing stronger in myself and my convictions, and really just empowered to love myself through the next chapter of my life and beyond. Attending this retreat was the best decision of my life.”

“I was struggling with my body image and doing things for other people before consulting with my own needs. Mary’s workshops helped me realize what I really wanted and needed by accessing my subconscious needs. Now, I am excited to use my newfound beliefs, my self-love promise, and to set intentions daily, monthly, and for my life. I know that I am deserving of the self-love and respect that I so freely give to others.”

Master’s Psychology student, Sedona Self-Love Retreat Sister


I am excited
to use my newfound beliefs

“If someone is thinking about joining the retreat, I would tell them to take the leap of faith. I’m glad that I did. Investing in yourself is important, even though it might feel scary… If there’s something that’s making you think you want to come, listen to that voice because I’m definitely glad that I did.”

Actor, Mom, San Diego Self-Love Retreat Sister


take the leap of faith. I’m glad that I did.

“I’ve been told I am some pretty appalling things… “fat.” “disgusting,” not worthy of love, etc… BUT being in Bali amongst some of the strongest and most resilient women I’ve ever met has taught me that other people’s beliefs don’t define who I am. I will forever be grateful to Mary for organizing this self-love retreat to help the 16 of us collectively heal and eventually overcome our traumas, whatever they may be. This has been the most emotional, yet joyful week of my life!

Esthetician, Mom, Bali Self-Love Retreat Sister


This has been the most emotional, yet joyful week of my life!

“Mary’s self-love retreat showed me how much I was struggling with hanging onto the past…heartbreaks, family struggles, inner battles, etc. What helped me the most was doing group activities where we all contributed and we finally felt that none of us were alone in our struggles. Now, I’m happy to say that I am setting myself free!”

Business student, Sedona Self-Love Retreat Sister


I’m happy to say that I am setting myself free!”

“I am so thankful for this week of experiences that gave me the space, strength, and support to truly let go of some shit that was buried so deep, but yet still affecting my daily thoughts and actions. I cried so many tears that I genuinely thought I was done with, but this time instead of crying from sadness and pain, the tears brought me cleansing, peace, and clarity. Self-love is magic!!”

Social Worker, Mom, Bali Self-Love Retreat Sister


so thankful for this week of experiences that gave me the space, strength, and support to truly let go of some shit

Nurse Practitioner, Mom, Sedona Self-Love Retreat Sister


“I was struggling with my family, work, life, and how “me” fits into all of that. The entire self-love retreat process helped me because each activity was intentionally geared towards transforming inner struggles into inner peace and learning how to deal with daily issues that we all go through.”

After healing my body, mind, and spirit, I started traveling to breathtaking places to host my worldwide women’s self-love retreats (San Diego, Bali, Sedona, Costa Rica, you name it!) so that you too can connect with like-minded women, heal body-image struggles, cultivate true self-love and create the life you’ve always dreamed of. I love sharing my heart with you through my writings, videos, and social media platforms - connect with me via @maryscupofteaa on Instagram! 

Today, I am the creator of Mary’s Cup of Tea, author of The Gift of Self-Love, inspirational speaker, podcaster and worldwide retreat leader. 

But it wasn’t so long ago that I had no idea what self-love was and the thought of loving myself scared the shit out of me.


I’m your guiding force on this journey

During the Costa Rica Self-Love Retreat, I’ll be hosting daily workshops for you and your retreat sisters on healing body-image struggles, building self-confidence, creating your dream life, and most importantly, loving yourself, deeply, fully, unconditionally. We’ll also go on adventures around Costa Rica together, connect deeply with each other, and share a transformational experience of a lifetime.


MUCH love,

Where will we be staying?

This particular self-love retreat will be located in Sitges, Spain, a charming coastal town, about 45 minutes outside of Barcelona. We have an entire estate situated on a hilltop in the wine region and surrounded by a national park. This historic property has 22 bedrooms, over 50,000 square feet of lush gardens, a private pool with a view, and stylish amenities.

Let’s cover a few FAQ’s

If I have an eating disorder, can I come to the self-love retreat?

Self-love retreats are not intended for anyone with an eating disorder or actively in recovery from an eating disorder. With that being said, your retreat sisters may have past struggles with food and body-image and thus, the retreat will hold sacred space for healing around those topics. All attendees must be emotionally aware of where they’re at in their journeys and be certain that they can maintain a safe, non-triggering space for others.

Do you have payment plans? How does the payment plan work?

Yes! We offer 3-part payment plans for those who want to break up their investment. We use a secure payment processor called Stripe that will reserve your spot and deduct the first payment once you click ‘Register Now.’ From there, the second payment will be automatically deducted 30 days after your first payment and the final payment will be deducted 30 days after that. Note: your application fee is separate from the retreat investment.

What is the application for? What if I don’t get accepted to the retreat? 

The retreat application helps Mary get to know you and what you’re looking to gain from a self-love retreat experience. We also want to make sure that you are fully prepared for this physically and mentally-demanding experience. If we don’t think our retreats would be a good fit for you, we want to be 100% honest about that from the beginning.

If your application is not approved by us, then the application fee will be automatically refunded to you. Depending on the circumstance, you are welcome to reapply for another retreat in the future.

Still have questions? Reach out!

What if I change my mind and decide not to go on the retreat?

If you are accepted, but change your mind and choose not to sign up, then the application fee is non-refundable. If you’ve already registered for the retreat, then the cancellation policy will apply.

What is the cancellation policy?

$950 USD is non-refundable under any circumstances. If the cancellation is made at least 60 days before the start of the retreat, then you may receive the difference between the amount you paid and $950. If cancellation is made less than 60 days before the start of the retreat, then we will retain the entire amount.

Please carefully review the retreat terms and conditions found here.

Do I need a visa or vaccines to travel to Spain?

U.S. and Canadian passport holders do not need a visa to travel to Spain. However, you must have a valid passport and a return ticket from Spain. If you are from the European Union, then similar rules apply. If you are traveling from elsewhere, please consult your government’s website to confirm the visa requirements.

Given the Covid-19 pandemic, we require ALL retreat attendees to be fully vaccinated. The government of Spain also requires travelers to show proof of vaccination upon entry. Please read the detailed information on the Spain Ministry of Health’s website.

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May 26 - 31, 2022

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