This week Mary Jelkovsky interviews her dear friend Meg Rosko (@nutmegandhoneybee). Over the past two years, Meg has dedicated her life to cultivating purpose and joy through the healing nature of art and community. Meg vulnerably shares how she started tapping into her creativity by baking cookies after her the death of her older brother. That pivotal moment in her life became a catalyst for expressing her grief through art, and more specifically, learning how to transform pain into sweetness. A few years later, Meg realized that she does not need to define herself as just one thing. Meg hopes to inspire YOU to find the comfort in the unknown of your life, the beauty in all of your experiences, and the courage to create a life rooted in love. 

Mary and Meg also bond over their struggles with overthinking, perfectionism and people-pleasing and share some tools on how to work through them. This interviews goes many different directions so grab a cup of tea and enjoy the ride!

Books mentioned: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle