In this episode, Mary is joined by Shannon Kaiser. Shannon is an author, life coach, speaker and retreat leader. Shannon gives an honest recount of her own journey with anxiety, depression, addiction and eating disorders and what led her to learn how to truly love herself. In this episode, Shannon discusses…

  • Approaching self-love as an experiment.
  • Making the choice to love yourself.
  • The importance of gratitude and self-care.
  • Being enough as you are.
  • Loving yourself as the greatest act to help the world.

Shannon Kaiser is the bestselling author of five books on the psychology of happiness and fulfillment, including the #1 bestseller, The Self-Love Experiment and Adventures for Your Soul and Joy Seeker. As an international life coach, speaker and retreat leader, she helps people trust and believe in themselves so they can live their highest potential. She’s been named a top 100 Women to Watch in wellness by mindbodygreen and “your-go-to happiness booster” by Health magazine. She has also been recognized as a Must-Follow Instagram Account for Inspiration by Entrepreneur magazine and a Top Facebook Account for Daily Motivation by mindbodygreen.

Visit her website at playwiththeworld.com and follow on social media @ShannonKaiserWrites.

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