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A Workbook to Help You Build Confidence, Recognize Your Worth, and Learn to finally Love Yourself


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this self-love workbook guides you on a journey that will help you build confidence, conquer body-image struggles, and learn to finally love yourself.

written like a letter to a close friend,

"This book reminds people of the importance of learning to be kind and supportive to themselves and to appreciate themselves for who they are." 


dr. kristin neff, phd

Assess how you truly feel about yourself right now and map out your path to healing your mind, body and spirit.

A Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Quiz

The Gift of Self-Love will meet you where you are and guide you compassionately to where you deserve to be. Filled with heartfelt advice, thought-provoking exercises, and self-love challenges, this book will help you finally see yourself as the amazing, beautiful person you already are.

Identify your limiting beliefs, ditch society’s expectations, and stop people-pleasing with the help of this step-by-step self-love workbook.

Thought Provoking Exercises

Transform that negative voice inside your head into the voice of kindness and self-compassion.

Positive Self-Talk Guide


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On how to support your self-esteem and harness positive self-talk to accept yourself for who you are.  

helpful Advice 

Connect with Mary through her experiences and know that you are not alone in your journey.

Personal Stories

Learn what research is saying about self-esteem, body image, and self-love.


Plus, Mary shares her advice for accepting and loving your body

Put all the tools into practice right away with the help of the self-love workbook sections found within The Gift of Self-Love.

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“For topics so nuanced, despicably monetized, and often traumatizing, Mary tackles body image, diet culture, and self acceptance masterfully. She seamlessly weaves together data, anecdotes, and poignant questions to paint a picture of what self-love could look like in the real, everyday version of our lives if we’re brave enough to reach out and take it.”

TV writer and producer

Zoe Marshall

“Mary has written a game changing book that will change the lives of so many women! She bravely tackles the topic of radical self love and how that can impact any of us with body issues, but especially women struggling with eating disorders. This book gives people permission to embrace their bodies and love themselves for who they truly are.”

author of Pussy: A Reclamation

Regena Thomashauer

“Mary reminds us that one of the kindest acts of self-care involves tuning out the pressures of the outside world and learning to appreciate ourselves for who we truly are.”

author of The Self-Love
Experiment and Joy Seeker

Shannon Kaiser

“This workbook is filled with actionable advice that will actually help you put self-love into practice (the most important part!). Mary will help you work through the beliefs and expectations that have kept you stuck, and help you realize that you are wonderful exactly as you are.”


caroline dooner 

“In this relatable and practical workbook, Mary helps move people from disempowering self-criticism to renewed self-love.”

J.D., M.C.C., host of the UnF*ck Your Brain podcast

Kara Loewentheil

“Mary reminds us that one of the kindest acts of self-care involves tuning out the pressures of the outside world and learning to appreciate ourselves for who we truly are.”

author of The Self-Love Experiment and Joy Seeker

Shannon Kaiser

“Through a lens of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size, Mary has written a supportive, encouraging book to help you fight diet culture and come to a place of gratitude for the mere existence of your body. By relating to her personal story, Mary will help you see that you’re not alone in your struggles with food and your body and will give you the courage to make the changes you need to live a trusting, sensual, and meaningful life. I highly recommend this beautiful, compassionate book for all who need a guidebook toward self-appreciation and self-love.”

MS, RDN, CEDRD-S, nutrition therapist and author

Elyse Resch

"Mary is a pioneer in the self love movement and she really gets it. This book is an absolute must read for any woman who wants to heal her relationship with food and her body, and connect with her true power."

Hay House Author, Speaker & Coach, Founder of The Self Love Summit

Melissa Wells

Inspiration behind the book

I love hosting self-love retreats, but I know they're not always accessible to everyone. The Gift of Self-Love puts everything I teach at retreats, into an interactive self-love workbook.

I wish I had something like this when I was in high school and college. It would have saved me from a lot of heartache.

We all know that we "should" be kinder to ourselves, but sometimes it's hard to follow through. The Gift of Self-Love gives you the time, space, and guidance for your self-love journey.

I wanted it to feel like a retreat in a book. 

I wrote this for the girl who was me 5 years ago.

I intentionally made it a self-love workbook so that you can put all the tools into practice right away. 

Well hey there!

I am an author, podcaster and women’s retreat host. I wrote this book because I see you.

I used to spend endless time, energy, and money on diet and exercise programs. I believed that if I could just have the “perfect body,” then I would finally be happy. Thinner came ... thinner went, but it was never enough because I had tied my self-worth to numbers on a scale and calories on a wrapper. 


After eight-years of battling an eating disorder, I was left feeling lost, lonely, and broken. 

The Gift of Self-Love is everything I wish I had known back when I couldn’t love myself. It is an ode to you and all of the women out there who struggle to love themselves.

I wrote this for you, from my heart to yours.

i'm mary!



Do not spend another minute at war with yourself

Let’s walk the path of self-love together.

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