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Our self-love retreats provide an extraordinary space for you to slow down, immerse yourself in community, and step into in self-love.



Our self-love retreats provide an extraordinary space for you to slow down, immerse yourself in community, and step into self-love.

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ary will help you peel back layers of self-doubt, so that you can finally recognize your worth and accept yourself for who you are. Discover what it means to truly love yourself by embarking on an immersive self-love retreat with a community of like-hearted humans.

let this next chapter of your life be about stepping into self-love...


self-love retreat

feeling lost? re-align with your purpose in southern portugal

tay at a stunning historic home, embrace slow living, connect with like-hearted humans, and find a renewed sense of purpose at the Portugal Self-Love Retreat

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january 24-29, 2024



Leaving a worldwide mark of lasting self-love

over the past 5 years, Mary’s self-love retreats have touched 500+ women.

7 in-person and 10 online retreats later, Mary is on a mission to empower women in every corner of the world.

Laugh, cry, heal and form deep connection with yourself and your

new sisterhood,

During our time together we will:

Learn tools to transform your mindset with self-compassion
Turn your biggest pain into your greatest strength
Find your passion, purpose and mission
Reconnect with yourself
Speak kindly and lovingly to yourself
Be confident in all areas of your life- including your relationships, your career, and with your authentic self
Accept your body at any size, shape, and weight (I promise, it’s possible)
Create deep, authentic, and meaningful relationships
Empower everyone around you simply by being YOU

Picture this ...

You wake up to the sounds of the jungle or perhaps a cliffside view of the ocean. Enjoy a nourishing breakfast (alongside your new retreat sisters!) before spending the morning in transformational workshops with Mary.  

You take the afternoon to explore local gems and hang at the private beach with a group of women who love, value and cherish you. 

Then, time for a moonlit beach dinner (and dessert!) while sharing stories and laughs. After dinner, come together in a sacred bonding space with your new friends. Share stories, have deep belly laughs and connect with one another. There might even be time for skinny dipping in our private pool before parting for beauty sleep.

rest & recharge

8 am

breakfast + intention setting

at a self-love retreat

a day in the life when you're

9 am

empowering self-love workshop with Mary

12 pm

lunch made by our private retreat chef

1 pm

hike a breathtaking waterfall before swimming in it

3 pm

fun self-love photoshoot with mary's photographer

6 pm

sunset dinner (+ dessert, of course!)

7 pm

sacred sharing circle & reflection

9 pm

evening dance party & sleepover vibes 💃

During our self-love retreats, I host daily workshops for you and your retreat sisters on shifting the way you see yourself and cultivating confidence in all areas of your life. We’ll also explore hidden gems of the retreat location, try new classes and activities, and connect deeply with one another. Picture a perfect blend of personal growth and relaxation in a supportive community of like-hearted women; like a big slumber party with your fav gals! That's what our self-love retreats are all about. 

hi, I’m Mary!

I’m a former bikini fitness model and competitor turned self-love advocate and women’s retreat host. It’s my mission to help you be confident in your body and love yourself unconditionally!

meet your self-love guide:

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What is a self-love retreat?

Self-love in its truest form is seeing ourselves for who we really are, beyond the expectations that we have of ourselves and that others have of us. Only then are we able to meet our deepest needs and feel truly content. To enroll in a retreat is to carve out uninterrupted time to begin this challenging (but oh, so rewarding) inner work while surrounded by people who truly understand you.

Pssst. Not ready to commit to a retreat, but still want tools for self-love? Check out Mary's book:
The Gift of Self-Love.

have questions?

If I have an eating disorder, can I come to the self-love retreat?

Mary's self-love retreats are not intended for eating disorder treatment or any other mental health condition. With that being said, your retreat sisters may have had struggles with food and body-image and thus, the retreat will indirectly hold space for healing around those topics. All attendees must be emotionally aware of where they’re at in their journeys and be certain that they can maintain a safe, non-triggering space for others.

Is there an age restriction for in-person retreats?

You must be 18+ to attend our in-person retreats. We've had people from ages 18-60 come from all over the world! Under 18? Check out Mary's self-love workbook!

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! We understand that paying in full may not be possible, so we offer flexible, 3-part payment plans for all.

 Let’s cover a few of our FAQs

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online retreat

Traveling not for you right now? We got you!

Mary has an online program for healing body-image struggles, building confidence, and learning to love yourself BEYOND your body.

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