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i need this tea!

i need this tea!

Mary created Hibiscus Heart herbal tea to comfort your spirit, sip by sip, Our tea is packed with powerful antioxidants and soothing flavors that'll help you relax, unwind, and connect with your heart.  

Serves as a gentle reminder to love yourself unconditionally
tea bags in each tin
Naturally caffeine-free
All organic ingredients, no artificial flavors
Packed with antioxidants to support a healthy mind & body
Pesticide-free & non-GMO
Ethically-sourced with a commitment to fair-pay 
100% grown and made in Tanzania, creating jobs for women and supporting independent farmers

Why Choose
Hibiscus Heart?

read more about the ingredients here!

the magic behind the tea:

During recovery from my eating disorder, tea was my go-to comfort drink. Even on my worst days, a hot cup of tea helped me feel like everything was going to be okay. My favorite thing was to get my tea ready, slip into sweatpants, snuggle under a blanket, and journal my way to self-love. If you're familiar with Danish "hygge", you know that tea is a perfect way to create that cozy atmosphere.

A cup of warm tea has always been comforting to me. I hope Hibiscus Heart can do the same for you and remind you to fill your self-love cup.

Mary's Cup of Tea is a community of women on a self-love journey. And what better way to show yourself love than by having a warm cup of tea that soothes your soul?

i want this tea!


lots of love,

i'm ready for this tea

What is hygge?

Tea plays a beautiful role in hygge, creating a warm and comforting atmosphere for you to cozy up and be at peace.

Prounced like hue-guh, this danish concept embraces all things cozy & comfortable. It's taking time away from the daily hustle and bustle to create a warm atmosphere to relax & enjoy life's quieter pleasures.

i'm ready for this tea!

i'm ready for this tea

Bring a little warmth to 

your Soul

Let's talk about the ingredients:

i need this tea!

Packed with antioxidants, helps manage blood sugar and lower blood pressure, supports heart & liver health


Enhances collagen production, helps with constipation, & encourages good bacteria growth in your digestive tract

orange peel

Reduces inflammation & bloating, combats free radicals, aids in digestion, and helps balance hormones

Star Anise

How to prepare:

Promotes sleep, boosts immunity, helps fight oral infections and cavities, and great for relieving PMS symptoms


tart & fruity

sweet & spicey

zesty & fresh

earthy & citrusy

  1. Place a tea bag in your favorite mug
  2. Heat 12 oz of water to a light simmer (90°C / 194°F)
  3. Pour the hot water over your tea bag
  4. Steep for at least 4 minutes but feel free to leave the tea bag in
  5. Indulge in your cup of self-love 

I went to tanzania with a dream to finally create my own tea...

But I was still deep in my eating disorder back then, so I started blogging about recovery instead. With every post I made, a cup of tea has always been by my side and the inkling to produce my own tea never left. Finally, in 2023 we are making it happen! 

Fun fact: Mary's Cup of Tea was originally supposed to be a tea brand.


While on my honeymoon in Tanzania, we stopped in Dar es Salaam to visit the Kazi Yetu tea facility. I got to see how each tea bag is hand-packed with love by women in Tanzania. Each organic ingredient is ethically-sourced and manually-packaged to ensure a perfect blend in each tea bag.

i got experience how the magic happens at kazi yetu


We hope that our debut tea, Hibiscus Heart, helps you “sip” into self-love. Your tea journeyed from an organic farm in East Africa to the Tanzanian women who blended the ingredients to Mary’s home where she wrapped up your package which eventually made its way to your cup of self-love.

And here it is... Hibiscus Heart herbal tea


I'm ready for tea 

what is "cup of self-love" tea?

"Cup of Self-Love" by Mary's Cup of Tea is simply the name of our new tea brand. Through her books, podcast, and retreats, Mary has always shared all the self-love tea with you, but now it's an actual, physical thing!

Hibiscus Heart is our first flavor of self-love tea. Imagine a tangy blend with a slight ✨spice✨ to make you feel all warm and cozy. We hope this tea reminds you to slow down, be present, and fill your cup with self-love.

self-love tea questions:

will there be other self-love tea flavors in the future?

We really hope so! If this first batch of self-love tea is a hit, then we will definitely order more and work on creating new blends.

With that said, your feedback would mean the world. Please email Mary to let her know how you're liking your "Cup of Self-Love," specifically Hibiscus Heart.

fill your self-love cup with Hibiscus heart!

is this tea ethically-sourced and made?

Yes! Our tea is 100% ethically-sourced and made with love in Tanzania, thanks to our partnership with Kazi Yetu. All of their ingredients come from small, organic farms and are packed by women in Dar es Salaam. 

Mary had the honor of visiting Dar es Salaam, touring the facility, and meeting all the women who work there. Each tea bag is hand-packed to ensure the perfect blend with every sip.

By choosing this tea, you are supporting the livelihood of Tanzanian farmers and helping to create jobs for women (mostly single moms and college students).

what is your return policy?

Mary and the Kazi Yetu team in Tanzania spent a lot of time creating a blend that would be tasty, comforting, and soothing to your soul. Though we hope you love Hibiscus Heart, not everyone has the same taste buds. Feel free to add herbs like mint, ginger, etc and/ or your sweetener of choice to make your Cup of Self-Love delicious.

Unfortunately, we can not accept returns since we don't yet have the resources and team to manage everything. However, if you aren't satisfied with your self-love tea, please reach out to Mary and let her know why. Your early support and honest feedback helps us learn, grow, and spread the gift of self-love.