Eight years ago, Caroline Dooner started a blog called The Fuck It Diet. She was trying to heal her relationship with food, and she needed a place to share everything she was learning about the dark side of dieting. What she learned about food and weight changed my life, and now you can read the book The F*ck It Diet. If you struggle with your relationship with food, the Fuck It Diet is for you.

In this episode, Caroline and Mary talk about…

– What the Fuck It Diet is and how it’s different from intuitive eating
– Why rest is highly underrated and incredibly necessary for our healing
– The difference between food addiction and diet addiction
– The difference between overeating, emotional eating, and binge eating (it’s not what you think!!)
– Why eating should be easy and how you can do it too


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Things mentioned: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
Fat!So?  by Marilyn Wann


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