In this episode Mary is joined by Sierra Schultzzie who asks the question where do you draw your value — your power, your confidence and your worth? Sierra and Mary dive deep into what it means to full embrace who you are and what it means to be authentic. In this episode, Sierra explains how to:


  • Look at the influences in your life
  • Understand how valuable you are in spite of how you look
  • Understand the influence diet culture has on growing up
  • See what a gift pregnancy is from the body
  • Find balance with productivity
  • and so much more! 


Sierra Schultzzie is a social media influencer creating fashion and lifestyle content across multiple digital platforms, with a focus on Youtube and Instagram. She has YouTube Channel with over 1.3 million followers called Sierra Schultzzie and she also has a vlog channel with her husband called “Sierra & Stephen IRL” all of which focus on body positivity, midsize and plus size fashion, try on hauls, brutally honest reviews, recreating celebrity photos, style swaps, relationships, and more!


You can find Sierra
on Instragram: @schultzzie
and on Tik Tok: @schultzzie


Things Mentioned:


Sierra’s video on Styling a Curvy Body: https://youtu.be/C1Rdl30fjOg


Sierra Schultzzie, Carrie Dayton, & Skylar’s video on body-image: https://youtu.be/6k9sEglV010


Tiffany Ferg’s video on Hustle Culture, Workaholicism, and Toxic Productivity: https://youtu.be/UAwCJAU2tjk


Body Positive Pregnant People to follow:




How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny Odell


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