I’m a reader. I always have been and likely always will be. For me, books aren’t just an escape from reality, but they’re also a huge part of my self-love and healing journey.


I love books about self-love where someone simply shares their own journey. It helps me feel a lot less alone in mine.


And I also appreciate books that give real tools, practical tips, and heartfelt advice. I mean, inspiration is great, but knowing what to do with that inspiration helps that much more.


The following books have changed my life for the better. From memoirs to manuals, these 7 books about self-love will teach you how to be comfortable in your own skin, how to boost self confidence and love yourself unconditionally.


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Tiny Beautiful Things, books about self-love

1. Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed


This is a book I read while soaking in a bubble bath, candles lit and a glass of wine in hand. Romantic, right?! This book came to me after I got my heart broken by a man I thought I would marry. I’m sure many people have thought this before, but Cheryl Strayed’s words saved my life.


This book is a collection of Cheryl’s anonymous advice column called “Dear Sugar.” In it, people ask their deepest darkest questions and Cheryl answers them with her entire heart and soul. Even though this book isn’t directly about self-love, Cheryl’s words of wisdom will help even the most broken-hearted find self-love.


It’s romantic. It’s artsy. It’s raw and real. It’s one of the best books about self-love.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle book cover2. Untamed by Glennon Doyle


This is the first book I read by Glennon Doyle and I can’t believe I’ve been living without her my whole life.


In this heartfelt memoir, Glennon shares personal stories that illustrate what it’s like being a woman who gives a shit, a woman who is desperate to liberate herself from the chains of society’s expectations, and make a difference in the lives of others.


Glennon talks about a wide variety of topics from divorce and remarriage, to racism and activism, to mental health and self love. She makes you feel seen, heard, and understood while also giving you a new perspective on life itself.


As Glennon says, we can do hard things.

Beauty Sick cover

3. Beauty Sick: How the Cultural Obsession with Appearance Hurts Girls and Women by Renee Engeln


Okay, when I say every woman needs to read this book, I seriously mean it with this one. It’ll turn your world upside down and inside out and make you question everything you’ve ever believed about beauty.


For most women, being beautiful is at the top of our priority list… unfortunately. And I don’t blame you. I mean, I’ll be the first to admit that I feel a lot more confident when my hair is done, my eyebrows are filled in, and my outfit is on point.


For some, a beauty routine is an act of self-care. But for many, it’s something that we feel like we HAVE to do in order to be accepted, valued, and even loved.


That is the trap of beauty sickness. When we feel beautiful, we feel like we can take over the world. But what happens when we don’t feel beautiful? When we wake up feeling bloated or don’t want to spend 2 hours doing our hair and makeup? What then?


Read this book to find out why we’re all so beauty sick and how to get better for yourself and for girls and women everywhere.

I'm Fine and Other Lies book cover

4. I’m Fine… and Other Lies by Whitney Cummings


I’m a big fan of Whitney’s comedy, so when I picked up this book I expected it to be funny. And it was! But it was so. much. more. 


This book talks about all the messy parts of being a woman in 21st century America: body-image issues, excruciating migraines, relationships that make you look back and wonder “what the f*ck was I thinking?!”, wanting to be successful and accomplished but letting that turn you into workaholic, awkward therapy sessions, you name it!


We’ve all been through some version of these things in one way or another and Whitney gets it. She’s so open about all the ups and downs of her journey. It’s a huge sigh of relief for all of us who feel like we’re the only “crazy” ones.


In this book about self love, Whitney gives us permission to be messy and complicated, while also giving us advice for how to not let it stop you from living your best life.


Pussy self love book cover5. Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer


I assume that when you first read the title of this book, you may feel uncomfortable. But it’s only because society has made women’s bodies feel wrong! I mean think about it: men use the word “pussy” as an insult to other men! It’s time we reclaim what’s ours and harness the power of our pussies.


In this phenomenal read, Regena talks about how women’s power lies in our pussies. Being empowered by our womanhood is what leads to unshakeable confidence, less stress, and hot sex! Not to mention, a society that values women and their feminine as much as it values men and the masculine. AKA feminism.


Regena is committed to helping women tap into their innate feminine power and create a life they love. This self-love book is a must-read for anyone who identifies as a woman.


The 5 Love Languages book cover

6. The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary D. Chapman


Although this book puts emphasis on romantic relationships, the principles are applicable in any long-term personal or professional relationship. I find that when I feel fulfilled in my relationships, self-love feels a lot easier. Maybe it’s because how we love others is a reflection of how we love ourselves. 


We all have the desire to love and feel loved, but what we often overlook is that people simply speak different love languages. Each person gives and receives love differently. For example, I need to be physically touched by my partner to feel loved. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is a huge gift giver. Of course I appreciate his thoughtful gifts, but nothing beats a passionate make-out sesh for me!


Knowing your love language also helps you be more in touch with your needs, wants, and desires. Remember: you ARE worthy of sweet affection, genuine appreciation, and unconditional love. You deserve the love you freely give to others.

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero book cover

7. You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero


If you love personal growth and want a simplified, actionable game plan to achieve your full potential, this self-love book is for you. Jen Sincero has a no-BS approach and a colorful lingo that makes self-love fun instead of daunting.


In the first few chapters, Jen explains what is actually holding us back from reaching our full potential. Then she gives concrete action-steps to kick fear in the rear and start becoming your own superhero.


Her humorous and light-hearted stories make this book relatable, and her pep talks will ignite your inner badass. Reading this no-nonsense manifesto is like getting a loving kick in the ass by your best friend who doubles as a life coach.

I hope these 7 books about self-love give you inspiration, insight, and permission to BE who you are meant to be: a confident woman who loves herself unconditionally.




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Read these 7 life changing self love books for women - you won't regret it. #selflove #confidence #maryscupoftea
Learn to love yourself with these 7 best self love and confidence books for women. #selflove #confidence #maryscupoftea
Build self love and confidence with these 7 best self love books for women. #selflove #confidence #maryscupoftea
Learn to love yourself with these 7 best self love and confidence books for women. #selflove #confidence #maryscupoftea

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