In this episode we talk to Dasha Kennedy (@thebrokeblackgirl) about how our financial well-being impacts our lives as womxn. In this empowering yet practical episode, you will learn…

  • how the gender gap hurts women (basically, we are paid less for doing more!!)

  • ways to think about your finances in an empowering way (no money shame here!)

  • how to remain financially alert in your relationship (and why you should be!)

  • what to plan for when it comes to marriage

Dasha Kennedy, better known as The Broke Black Girl, is a millennial financial coach whose no-B.S coaching strategies are helping women of color get ahead.

After a tough life event, Dasha realized how financially unprepared she was, so she began sharing her journey towards financial success on Facebook. The Broke Black Girl (BBG) Facebook group focuses on the financial struggles facing young women of color who have often been overlooked in the traditional conversations around personal finance. Within a year the BBG group has skyrocketed to over 70,000 women.

Dasha has more than a decade of experience working as an accountant and default counselor. She is leading women through discussions around different aspects of financial wellbeing.

Remember: “The ultimate display of love is securing the person you love financially.” ~ Dasha Kennedy on Mary’s Cup of Tea Podcast

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