Girl, you deserve to fall in love with yourself.  But “we often think of self love as a noun…” a thing we want more of. “In reality, love is a verb…” something inside of us and something that we do; not something we possess.

In this episode, Mary talks about the paradox of thinking that if we only have more things to do what we want to do then we can achieve self love. Mary shows how to fall in love with yourself in this beautiful podcast.

“If you want to have self love, start with the BE.”

We also hear more about Mary’s personal journey with body image and take a look at how it has affected her relationships in the past, from judging others to how it affected her sex life.

Mary also discusses the importance of romanticizing your own life and how that will help you fall in love with yourself. Take a moment to brew a warm cup of tea and enjoy the show! 


Mary Jelkovsky, a former bikini fitness model turned self love advocate speaks with experts, influencers, and guests on topics surrounding body-image, confidence, self-worth, body positivity, eating disorders, feminism, women’s health, and self-love.


Along the way, Mary shares her personal journey of battling an eating disorder, competing in bikini fitness competitions, and hating her body before finally quitting dieting for good and finding true self-love.


So grab a cup of tea, slide in your headphones, and get ready to love yourself a little more each week!