Diet culture is a vicious enemy that makes you believe that something is wrong with YOU if you don’t successfully lose weight. Being stuck in the diet cycle makes you spend every second of every day thinking about food and your body, which is no way to live your one precious life. Mary explains how dieting, restricting, and binge eating are all different sides of the same coin, so once you stop dieting and restricting, you will stop binge eating too. 

In this episode, Mary shares how to end the diet-restrict-binge by reframing your mindset around food and your body. Mary also talks about the metaphysics of food (a term that’ll change your relationship with food forever) as well as the #1 mindset tool that helped her stop binge eating, forever. Our bodies are wise, so let’s learn to stop fighting them and trust that your body got your back.

Get ready to walk away feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to say f*ck you to diet culture.