In this episode, Mary is joined by Jessica Flint who shares her personal journey with eating disorder recovery and how spirituality has helped her in the healing process. Mary and Jessica also chat about:

  • Perfectionism
  • The importance of finding support during recovery
  • Resilience and courage
  • Fear of gaining weight
  • Learning to surrender/ trust the process
  • The differences between fate and destiny


Jessica Flint is the founder of Recovery Warriors and CEO of True Warrior. Both platforms exist to educate, inspire, and empower people to make transformational changes in their life. Forbes recognized her work as a technology innovating mental health and it’s reached millions worldwide. She’s a popular speaker and teacher in the areas of self-compassion, resilience, archetypes, and personal narratives.

You can find Jessica on either of her websites recoverywarriors.com or schoolofrecovery.com
Or check out her app Rise Up + Recover

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